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EA Sports' latest mobile game now has a new 'through pass; feature besides its classic control options. An option for 'Casual Controls' is also available for those players who like to play with fewer buttons on the screen. Several external controllers are also supported by the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mobile video game.

The blog however added that FIFA 15 Ultimate does away with modes like Career Mode, Penalty Kicks Mode, and Manager Mode as seen on its previous versions. The game includes various play styles, team formations, player kits giving users enough room to customize the players and the team chemistry. The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players have the option to choose from more than 10,000 in-game players, 583 licensed teams, 33 leagues, and 34 real stadiums to play.

FIFA Ultimate Team continues to plug along and provide a deep fantasy experience for those who want it, and the transfer market continues to be busy with lots of players up for auction. I’m not a big player of Ultimate Team modes, but I liked the idea of signing loan players in FIFA 15, which gives you a taste of a high-level player for a smaller cost. Also, the concept squad option allows you to plan out your future growth or work around injuries, and you can plug any player into a possible line-up to take the guesswork out of what the chemistry mix might be. It’s a smart addition, and I enjoyed tinkering with it.

FIFA Ultimate Team now includes loan players, a strategy borrowed from real-world football. Rather than purchasing cards at auction or whole card packs, players can be contracted for a set amount of games. This cheaper option can help fill rosters with good players at a discount rate. Coupled with EA’s efforts to combat cheating, this makes Ultimate Team much more accessible, although it is still not as easy to jump into as Madden Ultimate Team.

This is fine with a brand new game, but as players are sold to other teams all over the globe, it becomes potentially impossible to find a player you want. Combined with the changes to the scouting system, which made scouting far more opaque and scattershot, it makes for an approach that is, at best, annoying and, at worst, actively lessens your enjoyment of the management aspect of the game. Hopefully this gets fixed.

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