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EA has made aesthetic improvements that make FIFA 15 closer to the real thing as ever

In the quest to perfect the digital rendition of the beautiful game, EA has made some aesthetic improvements that make FIFA 15 closer to the real thing as ever. You can now see the wear and tear that 22 football players normally inflict on a pitch during a 90+ minute period, like footprints and scuff marks from slide tackles. And now, you can add your team's footprints to all 20 Premiere League stadiums.

EA also added the camera wobble effect we often see on televised matches, created by tens of thousands of fans shaking the stadium in ecstasy when their team scores, which gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. Other minor details include the spray of grass from a player's boot during a replay or highlight when he kicks the ball, and player kits become stained with grass and dirt. These details have no effect on the way the game plays, but they add to the realism.

Relevant to the outcome of the moves we highlight the intervention of the keeper, the result of a more refined artificial intelligence, yet not without some errors. It is undeniable that the position of the goalkeeper occupy closely contexts with advanced reveals an anticipation, as anyone following the move. Shooting at goal successfully is more complicated and those points where previously marked goals were covered by a thick layer of spectacular interventions. Defender refills, protect angles and launch the stain, are some resource situations, although there are some errors.

The concept of momentum is also apparent in the movement of your attacking players. If you’ve avoided a tackle, you might need a few yards to regain balance and alter course. That means that groups of defenders might close down your most skilful players and easily win the ball simply by harrying them into stumbling from one tackle to the next. But that creates space to exploit elsewhere on the pitch – just as in real football.

FIFA 15 also improves the depth and variety of crowd animations, and attempts to remove the “copy and paste” clone effect that has been seen in previous titles. As well as unique character models in the crowds to help break up the monotony, they also react appropriately for the action taking place on the green stuff. They’ll jump to their feet for near-shots on goal, or erupt as distinct individuals when you do actually punch the old onion bag and score the winning goal.

Dribbling in close spaces hasn’t been easier. Crosses and headers have dramatically scaled back in effectiveness, too. These are good things. Absent minded AI defenders and terrible goalies, however, are not. Players can only rely on their back line to block lobbed through passes. The habit works as EA’s direct response to the LB+Y/L1+Triangle-cheese from last year’s game. Confusingly enough your teammates, no matter the difficulty, sit back and watch attackers cut them open unless you take control. They can even totally miss easy standing tackles when you properly close in: making any player with decent speed and dribbling look like Messi.

You can also nutmeg the keeper. You. Can nutmeg. The keeper. This is huge. There’s no forcefield between their legs any more. There’s more ways to score, and that can only be a good thing. Not to flog a dead horse, but because of the momentum system you can actually take the ball around them as well. They’re no longer gravitationally attracted to the ball at the striker’s feet, and as such have to spread themselves and risk wiping out the forward when they want to claim the ball. Red cards and penalties are often given, and it’s amazing.
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