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EA Sports has Further improved the visuals and player animation in fifa 15

EA Sports seems committed to unleashing the true next-gen football game we demanded the moment FIFA 14 arrived, and we can’t wait to experience everything graphics and gameplay in high definition glory. It really is a fantastic time to be a football fan. With that in mind, we took to the world of demos to get our first experience of FIFA 15 and, in short, we were very impressed indeed!

According to EA Sports there are over 600 potential emotional reactions that could play out over the course of a game. It has nothing to do with gameplay, but it’s a nice presentational flourish. In an attempt to make the game feel more alive, EA Sports has given the players emotional responses that depend on the context of the match. That means that if a player receives a dodgy challenge in the first ten minutes, they’ll likely just get up, dust themselves off and get on with it. But if they’re on the receiving end of a bunch of crunching tackles, they’ll begin to start throwing their hands in the air and getting a bit aggro.

It would be unfair, says EA Canada, for emotions to impact the game in this way as you - the player - are not in full control over your team's state of mind. Two players might have been at each other's heels for the entire game, causing them to become aggravated in each other's presence and exchange harsh. If this anger caused your player to go for the next tackle with added venom, getting himself sent off, then through no direct fault of your own you would find yourself at a disadvantage.

Further improving the visuals, and also player animation, EA has implemented physical-based rendering so that players don’t just look like their on-the-pitch doubles but also move, lean and feel like them when you’re in control. Until we play FIFA 15, it’s hard to tell just how realistic it feels, but the concept is very exciting.

EA has also tinkered with the ball physics to allow for more varied flight paths than in previous titles. in the past, you could pretty much guarantee a goal when the ball was struck from certain positions. Now the ball can dip, spin, or spiral not-so-cleanly off your player’s boot. This randomisation is even more noticeable if you strike the ball off-balance, or shoot using a player with less lethal finishing. On the other hand, less predictable flight paths means more opportunities to score those wonder goals that flick into the top corner or skim in off the crossbar.

Another big talking point for EA prior to the release of FIFA 15 was the in-game emotions of players, with them reacting realistically to the events taking place on the pitch. While this is a nice added touch, it isn’t as notable as I had expected, with only the odd angered expression from an irritated teammate when a striker had failed to hit the target again being an indicator of this new addition, alongside players from opposing teams shoving each other around after a foul has been committed, this actually happens far too frequently, leading to some hilariously awkward half-assed physical altercations between pint-sized midfielders and towering, intimidating defenders.

Do you want to pursued as a career as a coach, or even from the first tip from goalkeeper? You can do and earn a place in the national team, as owner or even as CT. You just want to play online against friends and strangers to climb the charts? You can do that too. What's blackberries FIFA 15 includes a complete editor of teams and players, as well as a selection of items Purchased by spending points earned in each mode. The options available to you are so Numerous and whatever you choose you will find in my hands a cured product and, above all, fun!
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