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EA Sports has put a lot of effort into making FIFA Ultimate Team a major focus of the franchise

Brace yourself for breakaway fun. Experience the world of FIFA soccer like you've never experienced it before. FIFA 15 is more than just a game. It's an interactive gaming experience like no other. You don't just play FIFA 15, you become part of it... and it becomes a part of you. Put yourself center stage for the greatest drama on turf. Embrace the exquisite detail of authentic player visuals. Feel the liveliness of the crowd relevant to your particular game, and hear the expert commentary as it relates to your individual story.

Every single blade of grass is defined and as the game goes on, the players' footsteps appear on the pitch as you slowly wear away at the virtual grounds crew's work. In the rain, your players kick up water and in the snow, you'll be thankful for high-visibility balls as your screen is covered by big, fluffy snowflakes. Kits pick up mud after a few slide tackles and the list of nice little touches goes on.

Unfortunately this translates extremely poorly into the online modes as well; especially the Pro Clubs mode. In it you and a few friends create your own players and play together in club side competing for promotions and trophies against other groups of players. The created players are always better than the stock ones in a side; meaning that foot races, physical and aerial battles are inevitably won by these created players who almost always play in offensive positions. One chipped through ball catches out a flat back four nine times out of ten and against created players you’re praying that they miss or your, often incompetent goalkeeper, makes a save.

Ultimate Team, introduced two Fifas ago, returns, where players can build their own team from real world players, including legends, and compete in both online and offline tournaments and divisions. For some years now EA Sports has put a lot of effort into making FIFA Ultimate Team a major focus of the franchise and that is no different for the upcoming FIFA 15. Up until now a lot of the information released about the game has been aimed at the atmosphere around the matches and the control of the players themselves. An all new trailer that debuted at Gamescom today, however, showed off FIFA 15's new FIFA Ultimate Team Legends in all their glory.

The latest edition to Ultimate Team includes the ability to loan the likes of Lionel Messi for a short spell, giving your side much-needed star factor, and also giving players like the little Argentine a taste of the A-League. The main factor to keep into account when placing players in your Ultimate team is position and nationality. Players who belong to the same nation or team, like to work near each other on the pitch therefore it will raise your teams chemistry level which in turn makes your team perform better on the pitch. The main change in FUT is the inclusion of a Concept team which allows you to make up your fantasy team which acts as an inspiration to work up too, but it’s essentially a useless feature.

We can all agree too that we’ve felt like screaming the house down when our expensively, carefully assembled FUT squads get been dominated by some lightning quick striker nobody has ever heard of. It’s a tough and all too regular break. So instead of spending all of that time, Fut 15 Coins ( you can buy coins at Fifa 2014 Live ) and energy on making your squad perfect, realise that it might be a little more rewarding to mould together a team of cheap players and bring them to the top division. Collated here are five players who should be able to find for under 5000 coins on FUT – at least to get you started anyway.

Overall FIFA 15 is brilliant; it can get frustrating at times, but then so does real football. It’s a game where emotions can run high, and EA have captured that perfectly in this instalment of FIFA. Unlike its predecessor, when you’re being out played on FIFA 15, it feels like you’re being outplayed not just being mugged off by the games ‘broken’ mechanics working against you. Though, there are a few things in this game that could use a little tweaking, it is by no means a perfect experience. Compared to last years title FIFA 15 is a massive leap in the right direction.
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