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FIFA 15 are still a little better than PES 2015

Football is a funny thing as it can take a fan on a rollercoaster of emotions, from the highs of winning the Premier League to the lows of relegation and losing to your rivals. And you’d think it would be a tough job to replicate these moments and emotions within a videogame, but over the past five or so years, EA have become the masters of Football simulation. Now up steps Fifa 15, a game that plans to continue the series’ domination over the PES 15 franchise.

PES 2015 by Konami manages to reproduce the atmosphere of great soccer, along with events such as the Champions League. What's more, the sensation of playing has been refined to perfection. Although the graphics in FIFA 15 are still a little better than PES 2015, where contact between players and movement on the pitch could still be improved, as far as the "feeling" of soccer goes, Konami takes the prize this year.

Now that it's back, PES 2015 has regained the upper hand with a game that's much more convincing than it has been in recent years. Although FIFA 15 has introduced many new features and still has fantastic physics along with great animations, Konami has managed to catch up in many aspects, successfully replicating the feeling of a soccer game in a way that it's never done before. Ultimately, the preference remains a matter of taste. However, if you are a fan of virtual soccer, the choice this year is certainly more difficult than ever.

What FIFA 15 does particularly well is accentuate the sense of drama we’ve come to expect from the sport. Harsh tackles are met with staunch resilience by the opposition, missed penalties are met with affectional camaraderie. Each game shifts from an artificial, soulless encounter at the start, to a narrative filled with rivalry, respect and competitiveness.

Ty Walton is keen on the dribbling: "I am a fan of the amendments they have made to dribbling this year; it feels like you are in total control of your players. I also like the way you are able to pass the ball first time and able to play tiki-taka football around your opponent." However, Dave Bytheway is a bit dubious about the men between the sticks.  “I'm not sure what to make of them at the moment because they're either amazing or awful with no in-between. There are times where they make impossible saves and 10 seconds later let in shots that should be straightforward saves.”

But FIFA 15 Ultimate Team have server problem On both the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store, recent reviews on the game seem to be from frustrated users who updated the game and are no longer able to enjoy it like they used to. Here’s one of the more recent reviews on the Google Play Store : “Bugs, hangs while playing , worst controlls working automatically Too many bugs , m tryin to play it but its like too slow , my net speed is fast still connection lost its servers nd all dis stuff happening after every game”. Yet another user has this to say: “Poor server makes us wait for a long time I have a fast and stable WIFI connection yet i need to wait 3-4 minutes to connect the server. The server is completely dissapointed for player who just want to play a match. Fix the server or make it offline better. The server is not stable and have a lot problems with it”.


Bugs And Issues Fixed in fifa 15.

    Fix to online user population counts in Be A Pro Clubs and Seasons menus.

    Using the “Compare Price” feature on IF Player Items now compares the item with other IF versions instead of just the normal version.

    Compare Price in the FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market now works for the players who were transferred close to transfer deadline day.

    The camera angles in the newly licensed stadiums have been drastically improved.

    Fixed a major issue that would cause the TOTW preview to be displayed incorrectly at the FUT hub.

    Addressed FUT player item portraits that show a white background.
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