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FIFA 15 genuinely feels like the most significant evolution since the series renaissance

It’s that time of year again, the annual release of a new FIFA with new things we love, but also hate. Every FIFA fan eagerly anticipates just what the new systems are going to offer to your gameplay, and how they will either improve you, or make you break your 23rd controller. After playing it for many hours since release, here are some ten highlights which either drastically improve the game, or continue to hinder it.

If you're still undecided whether you should buy FIFA 15 for the Xbox One, continue reading for the full review and watch our video demonstration. If you need any more proof that FIFA 15 is aiming for authenticity, just look closely at the players' faces. Messi looks like Messi. Balotelli looks like Balotelli. If you're playing as one of the Barclays Premier League teams, pay close attention to the audio and commentary. EA Sports has recorded and implemented realistic audio to goal reactions, misses, whistles, and over 2 hours of crowd-specific chants. Tackles, bumping, and collisions look very real, too. I haven't noticed players going through each other like ghosts.

This was going to be it for me. After FIFA 14 I was going to hang up my virtual boots and move on, ending a cycle of addiction and stoppage-time tantrums that has formed the bread and butter of my gaming life for nigh on 12 years. So why is it that I find myself glued to yet another instalment of gaming's most celebrated football sim? More important than all of the above however is the gameplay. Every year EA promises more advanced dribbling and control mechanics, but FIFA 15 genuinely feels like the most significant evolution since the series' renaissance. In tight situations players move the ball around and away from defenders with deft strokes and flicks.

Before even letting players see the nicely organized main menu, we are thrown right into a matchday. It’s a clash between Liverpool and Manchester City, as the teams are battling for the BPL title on the final day of last season. The emphasis here is, clearly, to showcase the new presentation elements in FIFA 15. EA Sports has signed an agreement this year to bring more authenticity than ever before to the Premiership, including more scanned player faces, authentic fan chants, and even stadiums for all teams. There’s no arguing that the game succeeds in reproducing the beautiful game with more accuracy and attention to detail than ever before, particularly for the Premiere League. If this is a new presentation direction for the franchise, this treatment will be very welcomed by the other leagues in the game.

Defensive stops are so much harder in this edition of FIFA as well. It is so ridiculous when you play smart defense, contain the ball and go to make the tackle when the ball just bounces in a stupid manner off yourself or the defender then the opposing player has a wide open shot at goal. This is making good contact on defense as well and actually making the tackle and timing it correctly. This has happened to me so much. The amount of red cards in this game are also atrocious. It is hit or miss on fouls and it feels as if no card could be given or a red card. There is no way to differentiate on how the refs decide how to call the foul.

Still, in amongst all the talk of the brand new features, it is worth remembering that while the Xbox 360 and PS3 receive many of the changes found in the PS4, PC and Xbox One versions, FIFA 15 on the Wii is simply a re-release of the FIFA 12 game, with the only difference being updated team rosters. That's not an exaggeration. For our former favourite version of the beautiful game, that's a sad fate to suffer. In all, while FIFA 15 is the most realistic sports game ever, it doesn't do anything truly new, and stays to the tried and tested formula from the other recent releases. Still the best version of the beautiful game - at least, until FIFA 16.
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