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Fifa 15 is a must buy if you're even remotely a football fan

While actual football is the main staple of the FIFA games, it goes without saying that expert gamers love to spend minutes rummaging through team management to assemble the best starting 11. And as such, EA Sports has completely revamped the team-management screen to make things easier than ever for gamers—although it may take some getting used to for the FIFA aficionados.  Instead of the basic list of players, squads are broken down visually on the team-management screen. When a player is chosen, suggested substitutes are given by the computer. The regular substitutes/reserves are listed as usual near the bottom.

This year, passing is riskier so you have to actually plan your moves carefully before you actually think of advancing as a team. However, lob through balls remain overpowered. Often times, defenders would give the attacking player so much space that a simple lob through pass can tear the defense apart. Aside from this, defending seems to have improved a bit. Players contain smartly and make good tackles so long as the tackle button is pressed on time.

The new player movement takes more than a couple of games to become natural. Our initial lunchtime games at MMGN were met with the excitement of the FIFA newcomer being able to score more freely than he had done in last year’s game, but that was soon countered as the rest of us learnt how to better defend and accepted that former reliable strategies needed to be rethought.

This sort of interaction between players in a game, does make it look like a real game is being played, and it adds up to the fact that the crowd also shows what they are feeling, going from their chants for the team they are supporting, up to them booing a player who is simply not doing well. The best part is that the commentators do talk about the crowd’s reaction throughout the game, and it adds up to the emotion of the match.

The bits that have been added to The title's crown jewel is its excellent gameplay. Players' possession of the ball feels a lot less pre-determined than in previous years. This goes well with the refined dribbling and defensive tackling, presenting a coordinated package that feels more organic and real, like you're playing by your own whims and not negotiating imposed constraints. Shirking off a challenge and retaining possession, or conversely winning the ball after a tackle and starting the counter attack happens fluidly. A foot race between two players for a free ball feels like a real contest, with physicality and unexpected ball baubles coming into play. Finally, there is freedom in FIFA.

In FUT 14, a new dimension of tactic is introduced by allowing gamers to use 'Chemistry Styles', which redistributes a card's ratings according to the chemistry of that card. As time went on however, the effort  behind FIFA ensured it passed all its exams and matured into the polished spectacle it is today, while Pro Evo couldn't decide where to settle, often refused point blank to work, having six kids with different mums and ended up on Jeremy Kyle. Well FIFA fans, the wait is over and you can finally try out Diego Costa in Blue, Mario Balotelli in Red or Luis Suarez debuting in an almost unstoppable Barcelona side. You can Buy FIFA 15 Coins, Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Coins to get these great players.

It seems as though FIFA 15 does some different things without disturbing the core quality that has made it so popular. It's obvious the decision isn't unanimous. All in all FIFA 15 is one of the series' best yet. It is a fun, well rounded package which improves upon the tried and tested formula of the FIFA series greatly.
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