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FIFA 15 is a tremendous improvement for the FIFA series

Ever since Fifa 15 made the transition over to the PS4 and Xbox One, the brief glimpse of the stadiums before kick-off do look really impressive. It really adds to the overall presentation that you would usually see broadcast around the world.

Authenticity is the watchword for the world's best-selling football simulator. To achieve it, the title's creators teamed up with TV sports broadcasters across the globe, which provided recordings taken from several games. Each delivered up to 32 separate but simultaneously recorded tracks created by microphones dotted around the stadium involved. The pitch will change and cut-up throughout the game, boots leave a mark. Emotional intelligence with over 600 new reactions see player’s personalities come to the fore. Corner flags move, goal frames shake, LED advertising boards change, even the crowd  are in higher definition than ever.

Another big talking point for EA prior to the release of FIFA 15 was the in-game emotions of players, with them reacting realistically to the events taking place on the pitch. While this is a nice added touch, it isn’t as notable as I had expected, with only the odd angered expression from an irritated teammate when a striker had failed to hit the target again being an indicator of this new addition, alongside players from opposing teams shoving each other around after a foul has been committed. this actually happens far too frequently, leading to some hilariously awkward half-assed physical altercations between pint-sized midfielders and towering, intimidating defenders.

Other changes sound just like the stuff we’ve been told in previous iterations. “Teams are now analysing situations in more depth,” says Channon. “If we’re playing and you’re 1-0 up with ten minutes to go, the AI will start to recognise the situation. My players will go into all-out attack; they’ll push more men forward - you’ll start to see more variety in play, it won’t feel as repetitive. We want the AI to feel like playing a human – they’re even time waste now, they’ll take the ball to the corner. We’ve got more intelligence in the wide areas too, players will more actively try to beat you to the ball.”  If you're not interested in spending the time and Fut 15 Coins, Fifa 2014 Live to build up a quality Ultimate Team squad, you can dive into Tournament Mode returns, which makes a welcome return in FIFA 15.
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