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FIFA 15 is back to being a fast-paced arcade game

FIFA 15 is a stunning game to watch – and that’s precisely the problem. In an effort to make each match look and feel like a live broadcast, the developers have incorporated off-the-ball cutscenes of a sort. When the ball goes out for a corner kick, the camera pans to a low-angle close-up of the player running over to the corner, grabbing the ball and gesturing towards his teammates in the box. In a key moment of the match, this would make sense and add to the game’s tense atmosphere. But every single time is ridiculous, and I actually found myself pounding the “A” button on my Xbox One controller repeatedly in an attempt to skip the animation.

The game includes the new goal-line decision system that the BPL uses to see whether the ball crossed the goal line, but there’s no vanishing spray! That’s the shaving-cream-looking stuff that referees spray onto the field during free kicks. They’re now using it in the BPL, but FIFA didn’t put it in the game. Maybe next year. The commentary is great and acknowledges that the game isn’t being played in a vacuum. The commentators know when you’re in an especially meaningful game. For example, I heard this: “Just to remind you that if the score stays like this, they will be champions.”

FIFA 14 was unusual in that the next gen version played quite a bit differently to the last gen ones, with a much slower, heavier game of football. Bizarrely though FIFA 15 is back to being a fast-paced arcade game, with a tweaked passing system seeing the ball zip between players almost like the defenders aren’t there. Which is, of course, no fun at all when you are the defenders and you have to put up with the finicky new sliding tackles. For instance, the fact that players now have a “randomized” element to their play. As a way to mirror the unexpected nature of a real match, players are more likely to make a mistake in high-pressure situations. They may fail to control a pass, play a ball off target or skew a strike on goal unexpectedly.

This isn’t good enough. EA knows how successful FUT is, but that's not to say the rest of the game doesn’t need updating. FIFA 2014 World Cup included some great ideas, like Pro rivalries and integrating training drills into career, neither of which are present. FIFA 15 has gameplay problems, but it can also play some sublime football. However, single-player’s continued stagnation leaves a sour taste in the mouth. If goalkeepers can be addressed, EA will remain the football king. Right now, FIFA’s at risk of being clawed back in the title race.

PES 2015 is, however, hurt by a lack of officially licensed English teams, although an edit mode gives users the chance to make changes. The addition of unofficial Championship teams is another nice touch if you support a lower league team like myself, although you'll notice that the quality of the otherwise excellent player models take a big hit as you descend the leagues. PES 2015 lacks FIFA 15's match day flair, instead letting its football do the talking. With exemplary action on the field and a much meatier online mode to get stuck into, football fans are in for a real treat.

PES 2015 is about recapturing that old magic and positioning the series as a viable alternative to EA's Fifa. On the basis of the few games we played with each, PES is back within close range of its competitor. It plays better and is a little smoother but lacks the presentation quality of Fifa, making it more of the connoisseur's choice. In the case of Fifa, the latest version feels like little has been done to resolve key issues with the still fairly robust gameplay.

As I got to see at E3, PES 2015 let me enjoy more freedom of movement: the classic problem of running on the spot is now a thing of the past. Not only that, players can now maneuver better with less space, being able to lose defenders with feints that are much closer to what's possible in reality. The difference is huge when compared with FIFA, where players can execute moves with feints and tricks that are completely unrealistic. PES 2015 offers gameplay improvements, movement, and an impressive looking new graphics engine, but despite a general improvement in the animations, it seems like Konami still has some work to do on its sometimes slow and cumbersome animations.
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