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FIFA 15 is the best football game released this year

We can’t forgo mentioning what an excellent package FIFA 15 is when it comes to ways to play – from career mode, to co-op seasons, to Ultimate Team ( you can buy Fut 15 Coins at Fifa 2014 Live to enhance your team FUT mode ). That’s a large part of the appeal of FIFA – the fact that there are so many different ways to enjoy the game of football at its core, all of which are compelling in their own way. We’ll have to wait and see if FIFA 15 is the best football game released this year, but it sure as hell sets a high bar.

Every player reacts to their surroundings on the pitch meaning that they are not afraid to show disdain to a particular opponent if fallen victim to a heavy challenge. Miss a ‘sitter’ and the player will collapse with embarrassment as team-mates berate him for not taking the simple option. There’s far too many nuances to detail here, but all are small, clever and amplify the game to higher levels not seen before in any football video game.

Off the pitch, shiny new menus hide a distinct lack of new modes--that's FIFA 15 in a microcosm. Not that there's anything extra EA could possibly cram in. Career lets you manage or play with anyone, from Bursapor to Shrewsbury. Highlights of the Week let you relive recent high-profile games. Match Day alters player stats based on real world form, and Match Day Live gives you a stream of stats and stories based on a team of your choice.

In Career, these stories are tailored to your own team. Enquire about a transfer and the media will sniff out the story; score with Di María on his debut and you can read about him starting with a bang. FIFA's growing relationship with the real thing makes you feel more connected than ever, whether you carve through mountains of text or merely catch it in your periphery. It's not bad per se, because Career Mode this year has been for the most part an enjoyable experience, and i've played many a save which have eaten up multiple seasons.

But I've sort of done that now, and I was really looking to seeing something brand new which I could get my teeth in to. Like squad training, a proper preseason, better press conferences and so much more. But it's the same and that's all I can say really. It's not good, it's not bad, it's just, the same. All in all, for every football fan out there, whether you are a FIFA player or not, I truly recommend trying FIFA 15 out, because it won’t disappoint you.
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