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Fifa 15 is the most realistic and authentic fifa series

For the past few days, I decided to go into the world of FIFA 15 and try everything that there is to try -besides playing against other people, because my internet connection isn’t good enough for that most of the times-; and I have to say, besides some sort of minor stuff that annoys me quite a lot, I’m quite satisfied about the game as a whole.

The pitches are so effectively nuanced that I would not recommend picking a lower-tiered team who may have an ugly pitch, as it can be quite off-putting after playing on the lustrous big-name ones. I am sure that as this is FIFA’s first appearance on the new generation of consoles the game looks even better on Xbox One and the PlayStation 4; on 360 it is good but not extensively better than previous games.

Despite a prevalence of buffed-up features such as improved ball physics, cinematic presentation and a pitch that actually cuts up over time, FIFA 15 is also winging its way to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Vita, 3DS and the Wii. That leaves the Wii U still out in the cold, although the lack of attention shown to FIFA 15’s 3DS and Vita iterations may well indicate another few consoles soon to be shivering by its side.

New head scans of over 200 players provide the most realistic and authentic looking models to date for this series. The stadiums are once again replicated to near perfection from the smaller US hometown stadiums, to the Cathedral- like halls of Barcelona, complete with lively crowds getting into the action and waving their home pride flags. Toss in broadcast quality graphics and overlays that really bring the action home as if you were watching it on the tele.

Career Mode’s other historical weakness has actually been on the pitch, where repetitive AI behaviours have for too long starved us of vibrant and changing match action. When you’re playing 100’s of games in a Career Mode save, the CPU AI can very quickly become a dry and predictable affair. EA hinted at improvements in this area very early on in FIFA 15's PR campaign, and I experienced some great examples of it.

The other area which has received change is with young prospects who last year didn’t grow anywhere near fast enough and the concept of a talented youngster having a ‘breakthrough’ season just didn’t exist. Now their monotonous growth curve has now been replaced with something a little more dynamic with my best example being Adnan Januzaj who jumped 4 OVR in just ¾ of a season. Whether this is commonplace, again remains to be seen but it’s the best example I had and a promising sign none the less. Here at Fifa 2014 Live, you can buy Fut 15 Coins to enhance your team FUT mode.
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