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FIFA 15 looks to have perfected all the effects that have been working on down the years

Last year EA dropped mini leagues/tournaments from FIFA and I have no idea why. Their inclusion has always seemed like a no-brainer considering how easy they make it to set up both online and offline competitions with friends, but for some reason we now only have offline friendlies and online season matches in which to go one-on-one with our buddies. I hoped that FIFA 14 would mark their return, but as they are curiously absent once again, it looks like I'll have to hold out hope that they'll reappear in FIFA 15.

As with every sports game, a handful of matches can’t be nearly enough to lay down complete judgement. Still, based on our Gamescom 2014 FIFA 15 hands-on, the King will stay on the throne for at least one year longer and that’s why we gave FIFA15 our Best Sports game award for Gamescom 2014. Finally, if you didn’t know this already you’ll be happy to read that FIFA15 will be using the Ignite Engine on PC as well.

From the released information so far, FIFA 15 looks to have perfected and fine-tuned all the effects they have been working on down the years. In 2004 gamers got their first experience of seeing players make runs off the ball. Attacking runs are now so realistic that developers claim you will actually “feel” like Lionel Messi. “Players move realistically with athleticism, improved balance and closer control, giving greater responsiveness and personality to your favourite stars,” they say.

By its nature, Fifa 15 seeks a very different audio aesthetic. Fifa 15 Fifa 15 has more crowd chants for the major teams than previous versions of the game. Authenticity is the watchword for the world's best-selling football simulator. To achieve it, the title's creators teamed up with TV sports broadcasters across the globe, which provided recordings taken from several games. Each delivered up to 32 separate but simultaneously recorded tracks created by microphones dotted around the stadium involved.

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