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FIFA 15 servers are not good enough to handle all their clients

It’s absolutely preposterous that FIFA 15 gamers are continuously plagued by EA servers down or the random updates that prohibit gameplay. Electronic Arts’ FIFA series is the 1 selling sports game in most recent years and all I can say is EA has found a way to milk our pockets.

One might think a demo for a new FIFA release would hold little relevance. The series turns in the biggest selling game in the world every year now. However in the poll posted last week to gauge response to the FIFA 15 demo over 4K votes rolled in and the results paint a picture of a franchise that could grow even beyond the remarkable standing it already holds by appealing to potential new consumers while still holding strongly on to returning ones. EA is doing this by improving across the board and without alienating holdover fans in the process.

This weekend will be the first gamers get to play FIFA 15 Ultimate Team after it released in both UK, and the United States this week. There’s now a strong chance that EA servers and FIFA 15 Ultimate Team going down either today, or not working over the weekend thanks to hints from Lizard Squad on Twitter. We featured an interview video yesterday with Lizard Squad, the group that took down PSN and Xbox Live, although since the video we’ve seen a few tweets hinting at a big game outage this weekend. Considering the weekend starts today, Friday, then it could be at any moment or over Saturday and Sunday when most gamers are online.

The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app has been very popular on both Android and iOS platforms. The app has seen more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and around the same amount on the iTunes App Store as well. The app has only been available for a few months as well, so its success is exceptionally impressive. Unfortunately though, the latest update to the game seems to have made the experience of using it a lot worse.

Yesterday I wrote about some of the issues with FIFA 15 surrounding the truly dreadful EA servers. And today I find out that the situation hasn’t improved, the FUT servers are still down and the progress of my pro in career mode still isn’t being recorded properly. I feel I should point out that I was lucky enough to access FUT for about an hour Friday night. And when I say for about an hour, I mean that literally because after about an hour I got that all too familiar message at the end of a match saying there was a problem with the servers, I didn’t get my match Fut 15 Coins and I got sent back to the main menu.

I have been a faithful supporter of the franchise for more than a decade, yet I still have the same issue over and over – EA servers are unavailable. Most times I sign on to play a couple seasons match or FIFA Ultimate Team, then the game cuts out and I receive the error message below. I have to say one of the worst feelings is to be gypped $60 for a game that I can play roughly 80% of the time I choose.

It’s a similar picture when looking at Google Play user reviews of the app since the latest update. One person wrote, “Poor server makes us wait for a long time. I have a fast and stable WIFI connection yet I need to wait 3-4 minutes to connect the server. The server is a complete disappointment for players who just want to play a match. Fix the server or make it offline better. The server is not stable and have a lot problems with it.” Another Android app user commented, “Don’t download, waste of 1.2GB. I downloaded this game to pass the time while I wait. Turns out it makes me wait longer than I need to. Can’t play offline and the online servers are always down so you end up not playing. EA this game should have been offline only, your servers are not good enough to handle all your clients!”

FIFA 15 was release on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC.

Here's the full fix list from the EA post:

        A fix to kit clashing logic in Be A pro and Seasons.

        Improvements to Goal Line Technology.

        Fix for match length issues in FIFA Ultimate Team Single Player Seasons matches.

        Updated real-world injuries and suspensions in Match Day Live.

        Improvements to 'Looking Ahead' audio in Career.

        Ability to Player Lock in Player Career with multiple controllers in use.
        (XB1) Improvements to motion blur effects.

        (XB1) Fix to the display of FIFA Ultimate Team Legend players in the EA SPORTS Football Club widget.
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