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Fifa 15 will boast myriad gameplay improvements

Fifa 15 is released on 23 September in North America and 25-26 September throughout Europe on most current platforms. Keith Stuart attended GamesCom on a press trip with accommodation and travel paid for by Electronic Arts. For information on paid-for trips, please see the Guardian editorial code or this article on transparency and trust.

In our Gamescom game, we were subject to a deflected goal. Mignolet again started going towards the original trajectory of the ball, but it hit a leg and wildly deflected. He tried to twist in mid-air to get to it, sticking out a leg in the process, but to no avail. And this is only one of many instances and, indeed, features in FIFA 15 on next-generation that ensure that this year's edition is a massive leap forward for the franchise.

These loan players are only available from EA, via the the EAS FC Catalogue. FUT producer Marcel Kuhn noted that it’s important to establish a solid footing for the feature before considering introducing the idea of player-to-player loans. Now, more people will get the chance to experience these elite players on the pitch for a few games and see how much they can affect a result. Can Ibrahimovic really win a game on his own, surrounded by mediocrity? FIFA 15’s loan system will give players a chance to answer such questions.

Fifa 15 will boast myriad gameplay improvements – the ball physics is being tweaked again, shoulder barges are more impactful, AI players more responsive to fast breaks. But the developer, EA Sports, needs to be careful that there is no growing disparity between the “story” of each match – the one told through visual realism and environment effects – and the “simulation”. The 20 authentic stadiums and the 200 facial models are neat extras, but they don’t replace anything. Commentators love to talk about stories and sub-plots playing out on the pitch, but where simulation is concerned, it’s the ball you want to control, not the plot.
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