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FIFA 16 is a leap forward for the franchise

Understandably with an enormous player count, not all players can be accurately represented, but sometimes it feels like the developers aren’t even trying. It’s a shame, as an enormous amount of content has again been included, extending to a deep player roster, a record number of clubs, leagues and stadiums. Despite its shortcomings, this is the best FIFA experience in years. FIFA 16 wants everything to be big, bright and shiny. And for many people, that’s football. For others, they come to FIFA seeking an authentic simulation of football; attending a midweek match, hoping for promotion and fearing relegation. 
But, oh, is it a gorgeous simulacrum of watching the game. There simply aren’t enough superlatives for the sound design. All of the English Premier League’s twenty stadiums this year have been modeled. Blades of grass are distinct on the pitch, swaying back and forth on a close up. Replays are worked seamlessly into the pause menu and the players will even jostle one another after a foul. Gameplay is where I see the difference from last year. As promised by EA Sports, the players feel more organic and natural. A lot of accuracy is required in front of goal as what were normally placed shots last year had the tendency to go wide.

Not to mention the goalkeeper gets an overhaul so whether you’re Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, you need to make sure you place and power your shot right or you risk facing the wrath of your teammates. This is where emotional intelligence comes into play. While the home menu remains unchanged, team management and formation screens have undergone a significant makeover. They’re more visual, allowing easier comparisons between players to help you make better-informed subs with teams you’re not as familiar with. Formations play a much larger role within the game, too. Play your favorite team’s next fixture, plus 3 other major match-ups happening around the world – every week! 
Then there’s two functional changes – concept squads and loan players. Concept squads let you construct any team you want from any of the players in the game. Of course you don’t then own these players, and you can’t play as them, but it’s an excellent way to help you visualise just how a certain player would affect the chemistry of your team without you spaffing 300,000 coins on him and then immediately regretting it. It has been a solid season so far for Arsenal, with Diego Godin righteously fulfilling the vacancy left by Per Mertesacker. The new Arsenal captain – Aaron Ramsey is lethal when he goes up front and with versatile gameplay from new recruit Danny Welbeck, Arsenal are fighting the giants from France, Paris Saint Germain tonight in the Champions League Finals.
And guess who makes a return? That’s right, Marco Reus. Sidelined with a rare knee injury for 4 months, Marco Reus starts ahead of Julian Draxler tonight. The rain is drizzling down upon the arena, with crowds cheering the Gunners’ war cry every now and then. Coming out of the dugout is the formidable Arsenal defence, and its flamboyant midfield maestros. Alan Smith quickly pauses his lineup reminders to talk a minute about Marco Reus. FIFA 16 is a leap forward for the franchise, with player models, AI and movement all being radically improved, so it would seem churlish to expect another major refresh so soon afterwards. What we do get this time around though is a readdressed balance to the game.
Personally I think this year's Career Mode offering is perhaps another one or two headline grabbing features away from being truly AAA. That's not to diminish the impact of the new features I've discussed, but had they been backed up by just a few more stellar inclusions like revamped press conferences, the ability to move/upgrade stadiums, or increased transfer depth (buy-out clauses, etc) then it could have been a year to really remember.
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