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Goalkeepers in particular have received a huge upgrade in fifa 15

EA shakes things up by only presenting us the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15 for Android. That’s a fact that you either hate or love, but I must say: I was surprised by that choice. Normally I would start a soccer game review with the words that the game is bigger and better than the version released a year ago. But that is not the case with FIFA 15: Ultimate Team. Instead of making the game, sometimes unnecessary, bigger, Electronic Arts tried to built upon the core of the Ultimate Team mode. You know, the mode where you need to collect cards of players, technical staff, coaches and attributes and Buy FIFA 15 Coins, Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Coins to build your own team based on the cards you collect. You get those cards by fulfilling certain goals.

The major changes become apparent only when you enter the actual gameplay. Once again, EA Sports does not disappoint. The graphics are simply superb, with all the players' faces and the teams' jerseys faithfully reproduced down to the finest detail, with the exact hairstyles and facial hair. While the fans in the stands looked jagged in earlier versions, the fans now look as good as the players, wearing the right jerseys as they wave and gesture. The look of the players' jerseys is very realistic. If it is raining, the wet jerseys cling to the players' body. If a defender is tugging at an attacking player's jersey to hold him back, you can see that clearly.

Visually the game looks as stellar as always, from visible dirt on the uniforms, expressions on the player’s faces, to the spray of grass during a well timed goal, and footprints left behind on the pitch — everything about FIFA 15 looks and screams next gen. This is evident mostly during animations, especially on tackles and when vying for position on the pitch, as you can almost feel the bruises that are most certainly the aftermath of most of these struggles.

Goalkeepers in particular have received a huge upgrade. This was a big deal this year, and EA has talked about it a lot, so we were excited to see whether the new goalkeepers would live up to our sky-high expectations. The goalkeepers really are doing a much better job this go-around. Enhanced ball physics has also removed some of the predictability out of shots. Surefire shots in the past are now much more randomized. Coupled with the improved skill of the goalkeepers, it is now much easier to defend your goal and harder to score against your opponent. Some reviewers have been saying they now think the goalkeepers are overpowered, but these voices are a minority. We feel like they are much more balanced than they used to be.
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