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Most useful FIFA 15 Career Mode tips for beginner

Fifa 15 making a welcome return this year is tournament mode, which was bizarrely absent in Fifa 14. Now I can play through the Premier League, FA Cup or various other competitions on my own or with a few friends round. Thanks EA Sports for putting this standard mode back in.

My first career mode resulted in diving head-first into the transfer market with my favorite club, Tottenham Hotspur. On the harder settings FIFA is hard, just as it should be. Players who put in insane amounts of time on FIFA 14 will enjoy a nice boost to their transfer budgets at the start.  Spurs’ budget starts out at a paltry £22 million, but my boost took that to almost £40 million with a new wage budget pushing £300,000 per week.

I restarted the career from the beginning of the window and did what I could to negotiate with some of the teams within the means of my budget.  Pogba ended up coming to Spurs for just £17million and Stevan Jovetic found himself in the lilywhite for a paltry £15million.

After a very successful first half of the season, AS Monaco made me realize that the AI simply doesn’t care about money and considers it to be just an object.  I say this because Monaco would eventually pay a whopping £70million for Jovetic.  To be fair, he had amassed 22 goals across all competitions and was in-form at a solid 86 rating.  If you’re willing to Buy FIFA 15 Coins, Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Coins to get the best player on the team to make money and build up other positions, then this version is amazing.  Negotiation is improved and teams will actually move on their prices within reason, and here’s the best example.

I must admit, most of my game time thus far has been offline. However – and this has been a problem with FIFA for a number of years – my online games thus far on FIFA15 don’t seem to play like the tactical ‘real football’ games that I play offline. I like to play with a combination of manual, semi, and assisted controls as I feel it enhances the range and level of control that I can have in the game. However, online you mostly meet ‘fully automatic’ players who play a particular variety of ping pong passing football combined with lobbed through balls which ultimately lead to some heavy drubbings on my part. In addition that sense of individuality in players and teams that I mentioned earlier seem to get lost online which is a shame.
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