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One of the fan-favorite of fifa 15 is the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode

Another year, another edition of FIFA for the hardcore to sign away their year to. The apathetic will again sneer that updated club kits and players constitute the sum of the changes in this yearly instalment of football fun, but is this the case in FIFA 15?

It’s that time of year again. The shop windows are dressed up with exciting decorations. Piggy banks across the country are being smashed open, and children and parents alike are queuing in shops up and down the country. I’m talking, of course, about the release of FIFA 15. I like to view it as a sort of proverbial gaming marmite. There are many who view its popularity with scorn or bemusement, but for others such as myself it remains a cornerstone of my relationship with gaming.

A lot of attention was devoted to the English Premier League, which isn't a surprise because they formed a partnership a few years ago. Every team has its own stadium and authentic spectators. If you're not someone who loves the English Premier League, then this is your chance. Online Screen Editor Will Cafferky gives us his take.  If then everything falls into place and you exchanged striker just before time makes the winning goal, but it is so nice to run to the corner and these sell a beech or flying kick. That is one of the new, more attractive additions to FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 is basically the same thing as FIFA 14 only with better graphics and the new players and the new jerseys. I was playing FIFA 14 the other day with my friends, I was my favorite team, FC Barcelona and I felt kind of awkward playing with the old players, and the old jerseys. Also, FIFA 14 has glitched about four times on my X-Box One.  FIFA 14 takes a good 5 minutes to charge. It is still a really good, amazing game. You can choose from so many different teams, and even create your own team. Yes, you can create your own team in the Ultimate Team feature. You choose the captain for your team, and start buying your players for your team. FIFA 14 is a special game for the series, since the Fifa world cup was on that year in Brazil. You can play on world cup mode, and choose from your favorite world cup teams. The music and presentation for the game is spectacular and sharp.

Beyond just the "feel" of the game, certain mechanics to physics also have been redone. Two main focuses include tackling and dribbling. With tackling, defenders have a better chance at successfully gaining control over the ball with well-timed body placement and a soft touch of the ball. With the case for dribbling, the offense will have a slight better control over the ball using technics such as touch dribbling. Running while dribbling is a difficult feat but when steadily kicking the ball, using touch to touch dribbling, an offensive player can keep momentum on his side. The ball will even spin differently with each individual touch.

One of the cardinal features of the franchise, and a fan-favorite, is the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode. This is a game mode in which you build your own team and compete against other players in various tournaments, seasons, or even just friendly matches. This year FUT is just as stellar as last year’s version, but has even more to offer. One of the new FUT features is the ‘concept squad’, which allows you to create a blueprint of a squad you want to try to build. Using the concept squad feature, you can plan out future purchases toward your team like never before. Another new feature in FUT is the ability to loan players for your team. This gives you the chance to play with star players like Messi or Ronaldo for a limited amount of games.

It’s tough to say how far additions will go, but we do know FIFA 15 will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. FIFA 15 will release September 13, 2014, and with the World Cup just days away, I’m sure fans will be excited to play as all their favorite players seen throughout the tournament.


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