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The Basics of FIFA Ultimate Team: exclusive FUT 15 Coin Making tips

There is nothing like FIFA Ultimate Team. As the original--and still the best--card-collecting fantasy sports video game mode, it captivates fans around the world. Every day, millions of FUT players take their customised, unique squads online to battle friends and strangers across the globe in pursuit of football glory. Since its inception, Ultimate Team has gotten bigger and better with each annual FIFA release, giving players more ways to build out a team and have fun in a world of sports fantasy.

Increased mistakes from the AI makes chemistry even more important. To put it simply, entering the online arena without 100% chemistry means you will automatically start at a disadvantage in FIFA 15. This is one of the simplest and most important factors to get right. All you need to do is build a team consisting of players who link, be it through their affiliation with the same league, club or nationality. Your team is far more likely to offer a high tempo, accurate passes and incisive attacking runs when they link perfectly.

The main goal of this article is to act as a guide for relatively new FUTers wondering what to do during the Web App phase to make coins and build a solid team. Although these tips are fairly general and will require you to think outside the box, we’ll go into individual and more specific Coin Making methods over the coming days.

For exclusive Fut 15 Coins Making tips;

1. Open packs, and liquidate your club. Once you’ve opened your packs, first things first, liquidate your club as much as possible. This means selling ALL your tradeable items for as much as you can get. Check the current value of each item on the Transfer Market to make sure you’re not underpricing anything. Admittedly this does take time, but it could be the difference between being able to afford an underpriced bargain or watching someone else snap it up to make coins! Some items such as low-rated non-rare bronze players and certain consumables won’t sell, even after multiple listing cycles, Quick Sell these to save yourself time.

2. Choose a player who is quite popular and in demand, I chose Marchisio as he is a high rated CM in a popular league, with a popular club, from a popular country.

3. Find out what price he goes for on average, the way I do this is to find his lowest Buy Now price at Fifa 2014 Live and round up. Use your best judgement for this but if you feel unconfident, just add 200 coins to his price.
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