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The improved atmospheric and graphical features make fifa 15 feel more alive

FIFA 15 is a solid sports title. The improved atmospheric and graphical features make the game feel more alive. Gameplay has also being enhanced with numerous new additions, but the game doesn’t force these additions down your throat.

FIFA 15 looks at the starting line with 35 different leagues, including the major European leagues and a large number of non-European championships, each with Their Own teams and rosters updated, to the delight of all true fans. In location addition, there are 47 national and some legendary teams, for a total of blackberries than 600 clubs and 16,000 players with whom-engage in over 70 different stages, 41 of Which recreated from existing arenas and Reproduced with accuracy thanks to the Numerous official licenses and close collaboration with partners and sponsors

Some of the most impressive changes are to the pitch. In previous games, the field was just the surface players stood on. With FIFA 15 tackles and slides will tear up the turf and the ball will brush against the grass, giving the pitch and beaten and worn look by the end of the match. The corner flags are now collidable objects and will spring back and forth when struck. The goal posts will ring and vibrate when hit and the back will lift off the ground when a shot powers into the back of the net. A wet pitch will produce spray as players fight for the ball.

The ball behaves differently, which is no small matter, since it also produces a greater variety of goals. Realistic deflections change the complexion of play instantly, and often players are quick to react, sticking a leg or a hand (for keepers) out to get a piece of the ball. That being said, I'd still like to see A.I. players react more aggressively when you call them in defensive support, as well as have more awareness of their own teammates so there's less bunching and bumbling.

Taking the goal against the computer in situations where the difficulty is ramped up or tension has taken hold, you’ll quickly notice that there’s an even wider range of possibilities.  In a word – fluidity, that pretty much describes what we’re seeing here.  This of course comes in addition to being able to directly alter your approach to the game via various formations and strategies.  For the careful, tactical player, FIFA 15 is a treasure trove of opportunities.

Pinpoint Passing  is a certainty to be included in FIFA 15 as it is a vast improvement on the format players are currently using and although not everyone wants a more realistic approach to a football simulator, the responsiveness of the game will improve. The hope is that this will completely erase the annoying computer errors we witness every single time we play a match.

Both attacking and defending have seen improvements in the tactics department, as Fifa 15 brings in two new play styles. The tactic that Jose Mourinho made famous, Park The Bus, is included in this year’s Fifa, which sees all your players get behind the ball ready for a prolonged attack from the opposition. On the attacking front, All Out Attack makes your players move up the pitch by a considerable margin as they look for a goal your team desperately needs. Both of these tactics are very useful in certain situations, although we wish they could be customised a little.
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