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The stature of your FIFA 16 club will affect the quality of tournaments available

The career mode sees a little bit of realism as real targets (from real footballing world) often turn to their desired clubs, Arturo Vidal signing for Manchester United, Edin Dzeko signing for Arsenal. The layouting of FIFA 16 follows the typical FIFA 15/World Cup 2014 mould, with Windows 8 like boxes determining easy navigation. Along with realism, FIFA 16 brings in a much needed feature which is called Team Sheets. Now you can set two, three or more tentative lineups for cup matches and league games respectively. Players would fret less if you play them more through this team management feature.
The stature of your FIFA 16 club will affect the quality of tournaments available, with Chelsea in our play through invited to the Asia Elite Trophy also featuring the likes of Bayern Munich and PSG. As well as altering the quality of opposition, the stature of the tournament will also affect the amount of prize money on offer. Which, you’ll be pleased to hear goes directly in to your transfer budget should you be victorious. For that reason alone, pre-season is now well worth playing. The tournament format consists of a 4 team group stage, where you play each team other once before moving on to a Semi-final and Final should you be successful. But even if you find yourself knocked out in the earlier rounds, you’ll still receive a portion of the prize pool to go to towards your transfer war chest. So all is not lost either way.

For the football fan and the player who’s invested plenty of time into Ultimate Team, there’s the same kind of calls to be made around who’s going to work well, with those from the same league or country having better chemistry. It’s entirely possible that you could spend 20-odd minutes assembling the best possible team, making alterations depending on the substitutes that you get and so on, or you can just hit auto-complete, make one or two changes and get to playing a game. This hastily constructed team only lasts for a short amount of time, entering you into a four match elimination whereby you try to string together wins for greater rewards. Importantly, you will always get out of it something equivalent to what you paid to buy in – 7500 FIFA coins or 300 FUT points, currently – with coins earnt after each match you play and packs when you eventually get knocked out or complete your fourth win.
The last elements I want to touch on with gameplay have to do with dribbling. I touched on the feinting, and it’s a nice addition, but the reason it feels helpful is because a lot of the best moments right now to me are in the final third. So when you’re out near the sideline, there’s standoffs of sorts where the ball carrier is at a standstill, and he’s sizing up a defender who now feels a bit better equipped to read and react. Neither side wants to strike first, so feinting is another way to try and bait defenders into mistakes. We traveled to Stockholm to try the newest edition of the annual football series, hopeful that the mistakes from the previous year are fixed. Hopeful to hear something about Fifa Ultimate Team, and hopeful that the inclusion of the women's game isn't simply a commercial decision, but that instead is something that contributes to the overall experience.
In case the negotiations don't come to a good closure, USA's division 2, the North American Soccer League, and China's division 1, the Chinese Super League, are EA's last resort. Even if you're not a fan of the Brasileiro, you'll have to recognize that it would still be the most valuable one, even if it's just so you can find those young talents that would beautifully fit your club on career mode. This is EA's key word for the next years. More than a new game, you can expect a game that's each time closer to reality. Unfortunately this doesn't aim directly at the game play but the details.
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