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The Xbox One version of FIFA 15 truly looks next-gen

EA Sports has put the final nail in the coffin for Pro Evolution franchise. Your wait is finally over as what is promised as the best football game is available to try out on your favourite console. It needs no introduction, FIFA is back, brighter than ever with sharper graphics, boasting player memories and over 600 emotional reactions that have helped finally put any rival football games to the sword. FIFA was the nerdy older brother, he'd been around for a while and always wore the right clothes, but often tried too hard to fit in and was completely useless when it came to one-on-one situations.

FIFA 15 has definitely improved more than just tactically, with many of the in-game mechanics and animations, especially those surrounding player interaction, having been updated in a way that improves both the flow and the appearance of the game. Something EA seem particularly proud of is their work with the goalkeepers, who reportedly have more than 50 updates since FIFA 14. While I haven’t played enough to have figured out all of these changes, I wasn’t entirely convinced by what I did see – while the keepers did seem to do different things, at times it felt like they were doing them because EA wanted to show off their new animations rather than because it was the realistic thing to do.

Keeping things within manageable boundaries for the player remains as vital to the design of FIFA 15 as it has with past releases. In isolation none of these make an enormous impact to the way a match plays out, but in unison they deliver a product that seems quicker and more responsive.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team features over 1000 licensed teams and 10,000 players across the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, La Liga and more. While these limitations influence the technical composition of a team, meaning you face a lot of opponents with the same strengths and gameplan, the other issue facing Ultimate Team is that you're still facing the same specific combinations of players, and this is down to chemistry. Chemistry may be the secret sauce, but it's been slathered over a handful of games now, and regardless of the directions the gameplay pushes people, it's still prompting us to buy Fut 15 Coins, Fifa 2014 Live to build the same teams, with only slight differences in personnel and player positions based on transfers and redesignations. This is a phenomenally popular app and on October 17 it received an update to version 1.1.2 for both the Android and iOS platforms. It’s a free app with in-app purchases available.

The Xbox One version of this game truly looks next-gen. Case in point: Dew on the pitch will leave it soft enough to be impacted by players’ cleats. Running hard and stopping, sharp cuts, and messy falls leave a visible imprint on the physical field, that last throughout the game like clues in a Scooby Doo mystery. Along with jerseys that move in the wind and more complex, expressive faces, the visual component of this game is strikingly beautiful and worth the $60 alone.
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