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There are going to be a couple of changes to player growth in FIFA 15

The rainy weather effects have improved, however it is somewhat spoiled by the over-exaggerated splashing every time a player takes a step. The football pitches now have more added detail that changes throughout the match. After a long sliding tackle, a big tear in the turf is left behind. The pitches are fresh and spotless at the beginning of matches and gradually you see the wear and tear. Although this is not much to shout about, it is a nice added touch to the overall detail of the game.

Fifa 15 is fast and fluid though, players make a lot more runs into space then they have done in the past and thanks to better player animation and improved dribbling even newbies can twist and turn around the opposition with general ease. Though with the good comes the bad, thanks to these same animations teams like Man City and Real Madrid will cut you to ribbons as your defence trundles after them struggling to snatch the ball from their grasp.

A great new feature is the player instructions where you can select up to 10 outfield players and get them to make overlapping runs or attacking runs to confuse your opponent and help out your strikers up front. You’ll also be able to give defenders instructions too, including tight marking on a deadly centre-forward and defensive positioning.

All of this is tied up by some vastly improved motion-captured movement, which boasts more than 50 new animations to cover every possible eventually on the pitch. All of this additional visual content should ensure that your keeper's snap decisions not only betray a deeper intelligence, but that they also look more convincing and lifelike. These new goalkeepers aren't just smarter under the surface – they look smarter, too.

There are going to be a couple of changes to player growth in FIFA 15.  EA Sports has announced that older players who are highly rated will stay in the game longer and will not retire as early.  Players that demonstrate a lot of potential early in their careers will grow more quickly.  Both of these changes will create more realism, and we will no longer have to worry about early sell-by dates on awesome players who are over 30 years old.  This issue was prominent in the past and just made no sense when a player realistically should continue performing great for years.  Likewise, it will be a relief not having to wait around forever for players with solid potential to get past 75 on the rating scale!

In addition, some young players with high potential does not seem to be able to grow fast enough. EA claims that the elderly "will not cease to play faster" in FIFA 15, and "young people with high potential to grow more quickly if you give them the opportunity to do so." FIFA 15 is scheduled for September 23 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

There are a few other areas of FIFA 15 that need to be worked on as well. The Creation Centre, which had been my favourite feature over the last few years, has been left out due to the shift from Impact to Ignite. No longer can you create your own teams, with their own unique kits and crests. Career mode feels the same as ever, despite the new lick of paint, and custom tournaments have also been left untouched. It seems that the focus this year has definitely been on improving the action on the pitch rather than tackling game modes.
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